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Destination Brandon Magazine

Destination Brandon, South Dakota is a complete guide to the community of Brandon. Inside the pages of this magazine, readers will find information about Brandon, the city’s business community, worship offerings, the school district, parks and recreation, dining, organizations, and a whole lot more. Each year, Brandon Valley Media Group teams up with the Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce to produce this complete guide to one of South Dakota’s most thriving communities.

To advertise in Destination Brandon, South Dakota, contact Jill Meier, publisher, at (605) 582-9999 or email

Destination Brandon, the Brandon Visitor Guide, is published by the Brandon Valley Media Group (BVMG).

For more information about the BVMG, visit their website:

Contents of the Brandon Visitor Guide are protected by U.S. copyright laws. All rights reserved. Reproduction or transmitting by any means including photocopying, is prohibitied without the permission of the BVMG.


Click the image to download a PDF copy of Destination Brandon Magazine!

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